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Monitoring Unit

Model MU and Mini-MU: Build an economical monitoring system

Monitoring Unit MU

Model MU:

Temperature and Leakage Monitoring -  The model MU monitors overheating and seal leakage. It therefore greatly reduces the possibility of costly unplanned outages. The MU also provides direct monitoring of critical motor bearing temperatures. If the motor termperature reaches a preset termperature, or if water enters into the seal chamber, then the MU sensors can set off an alarm notifying maintenance personnell of the problem. This allows preventative maintenance to be scheduled at the next available outage avoiding unexpected downtime.

Monitorin Unit Mini-MU

Model Mini-MU:

Enconomical Version - The Mini-MU can als be set to disable the equipment and sound an alarm on either over temperature or water intrusion. However, it can not display the temperatures. The Mini-MU is an econimical substitute for the MU. Both the MU and the Mini-MU can greatly improve plant operations and reliability.