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Auto Flush Valve

Auto Flush Valve

K-Hydro's AFV Series Auto Flush Valve - Cleans sump pit automatically


Sludge Removal -  Eliminate the time and expense of frequent sump de-sludging with the K-Hydro AFV Auto Flush Valve.  A cleaner sump means greater operational efficiency, less maintenance and fewer unpleasant odors in your plant.  The AFV is designed to facilitate the automatic flushing of sediment and sludge from the sump pit.

Fully Automatic - The AFV is fully automatic and induced by the pump's flow and pressure thus eliminating the need for electric components and cabling.   With the start of each pumping cycle, a powerful stream is created that stirs up sedimentation at the bottom of the sump forcing it to become suspended and allowing it to be discharged by the pump.  After an adjustable, predetermined period of time, the valve automatically closes and resets for the next pumping cycle.  This automatic flushing significantly reduces the build up of sediment and formation of sludge.

No Electricity Needed -  The AFV uses the flow and pressure of the pump thereby requiring no additional power, cabling or equipment.  The AFV is attached to the pump volute and is automatically opened whenever a pumping cycle starts.