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Auto Coupling System

Auto Coupling System

K-Hydro's ACS Series Auto Coupling System - A simply perfect leak-free coupling system


Automatic Coupling -  The K-Hydro ACS automatically connects the pump to the discharge pipe. No bolts, nts, and packing are required for connection. It simplifies the maintenance since by eliminating the need to enter the tank or evacuate th tank for removing the pump or loosening or tightening the bolts.

Flange Seal

Patented Flange Seal - Althougth ACS provides various conveniences in maintenance, some leakages through flanges are inevitable. The leakage is getting worse over time and considerably deteriorates pump efficiency.trouble free and low cost operation. The flange seal has been developed to eliminate this leakage completely by simply mounting it into a special groove in the discharge flange of the pump.

Leak-free Coupling

Leak-free Coupling - Sealing is realized by the flow pressure of the pumping liquid.  When the pump is switched off, the flange seal is retreated to the rear position due to the back flows.  When the pump is on, the flow pressure pushes the flange seal, deforms the seal lip, covers the flange gap and prevents leakage.

ACS Components Provided

ACS Components We Provide - We provide four components when you order an ACS. These include the guide rail bracket, sliding bracket, flange seal and ACS body with guide rail pins. Pipes are not included with the ACS.